About Us

STEM Education Toys is a family business that has developed from our excitment about the science, technology, engineering and maths toys that we have found for our physical shop. Tim is an engineer and did aeronautics at degree and masters. Samantha did Biology to degree level and trained as a primary science teacher. We are combining our interests and skills to choose products that we are excited about. We want to share this with others. This website will continue to grow!!

STEM Education Toys has exciting, unusual products to help children and adults explore, understand and be intrigued by science, technology, engineering and maths. We believe everyone (including adults!!) learn through play and our products can be found in universities, schools and homes.

We have carefully sought out products that are good quality and that have explanations about the science behind the toy or experiments. This helps parents and teachers to explain to children what is happening so that children can learn while having fun rather than just being entertained.

Brands that we are proud to stock include: Zometool (main stockist in UK); Magformers, Zoobs, Wedgits, Thames & Kosmos; Thinkfun.

StemEducationToys.co.uk is a website owned by Cambridge Lighthouse Limited.


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