Happy Atoms – visual and kinaesthetic learning

I would like to highlight an amazing new resource for Chemistry. Happy Atoms teaches about atoms and molecules in an intuitive hands on approach, making it a visual and kinaesthetic learning experience. It is aimed at 10 years – A level.

Here’s a quote from a STEM reviewer “Happy Atoms solves a unique and pressing problem: how to teach chemistry in three dimensions. I probably would have learned a lot more in high school…if I had had a 3D view of the atomic world” (Joe Biggs, June 2016).

  • Create molecules from plastic atom models that connect easily using magnets.
  • Discover the identities of the molecules you build by scanning them with the app.
  • Explore the molecules you discover, assemble collections of them, and complete guided chemistry tasks in the educational app.

There are 2 sets available, Introductory and Complete.

Happy Atoms needs one of the following to support the app:

For iOS – Happy Atoms runs on iPad 2,3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and Mini 2 using iOS 8 or greater.

For Android – Happy Atoms runs on Android versions 4.4 and up

For Kindle – Happy Atoms runs on Kindles that have Android versions 4.4 and up.

Other products to support learning about chemistry include Brainlinks Chemical Reactions, Chemistry Chaos and Chem C1000.
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