Chem C3000 by Thames & Kosmos
Chem C3000 by Thames & KosmosChem C3000 by Thames & KosmosChem C3000 by Thames & KosmosChem C3000 by Thames & Kosmos

Chem C3000 by Thames & Kosmos


CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry set. This kit includes all of the components from CHEM C2000, plus dozens of additional tools and chemicals, and 100 additional experiments, for a total of more than 333 experiments. The 192-page, full-colour experiment manual is written at a more advanced level than the other CHEM kit manuals. You could call it a textbook, but the manual is too much fun to make that comparison. CHEM C3000 has a similar hands-on approach to teaching chemistry as our other CHEM kits, but also teaches more advanced topics such as chemical equations, atomic structures, and the periodic table. These concepts are critical to continued study of chemistry. CHEM C3000 is an excellent preparation for Key Stage 4 level chemistry. Ages 12 years and up.

Contents: Experiment Manual: 8 Test Tubes; 2 Pipettes; Screw-top Jar; Test Tube Rack; 2 Measuring Cups; 2 Cup Lids; Measuring Spoon; Test Tube Brush; Carbon Rod; Plastic Basin; Safety Lid Opener; 4 Wires; Copper Wire; 2 Bags of Magnesium Strips; Protective Safety Glasses; Battery Connector; Light Bulb (3.8 V); Rubber Stopper; 2 Cork Stoppers; 2 Pointed Glass Tubes; 2 Angled Glass Tubes; Filter Paper; 2 Plastic Bottles with Caps; Plastic Funnel; Alcohol Burner Base; Wick; Burner Cap; Insulator; Wick Holder; Aluminum Disk; Wooden Test Tube Holder; Blue Litmus Paper; Filter Paper; Straight Glass Tube; Heating Rod; Labels; Graduated cylinder; Plastic syringe; Lab stand clamp; 3 lab stand legs; Erlenmeyer flask; Iron wire; Two pieces of rubber tubing; Tripod stand platform; Lab stand base; Plastic straw for syringe; Bag of small parts; Rubber stopper with one hole; Rubber stopper with two holes; Lab stand rod; Acute angled glass pipe; Two screw-top lids; Plastic bottle, red (for hydrochloric acid); Plastic bottle, blue (for sodium hydroxide); Filter paper; Wire mesh; Evaporation dish; Small bottle for silver nitrate solution
Sodium Bisulphate
Sodium Carbonate
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(II)
Ammonium Iron(III) Sulphate
Ammonium Chloride
Copper(II) Sulphate
Litmus Power
Calcium Hydroxide
Sodium Bicarbonate
Tartaric Acid
Luminol Preparation
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(III)
Calcium Sulphate
Iron Filings (Iron Powder)
Potassium Permanganate Preparation
Activated charcoal
Ammonium carbonate
Potassium iodide
Potassium bromide
Potassium permanganate
Sodium thiosulphate
Zinc powder

Additional chemicals are required for some experiments.

Download some sample manual pages in a new browser tab.

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Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving informal science education outside of the classroom by publishing high-quality science kits for children of all ages. T&K places an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through tactile processes. Their vision is to give all children access to real, physical activities and projects that teach them about how things work; parents, grandparents, and teachers are active guides in these investigations. It is their firm belief that children who connect with the world around them grow up to be inquisitive adults, creative thinkers, and engaged citizens with confidence to careers in science, technology, and engineering.

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Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4


experimenting & discovering, Following Instructions, knowledge building


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