Discover Space Fold-out Reference Book by North Parade

Discover Space Fold-out Reference Book by North Parade


Discover Space  Fold-out Reference Book by North Parade is a book designed to captivate children. Each section unfolds to reveal extra large pages of fun information and colourful illustrations.

Discover the wonders of space, our solar system, the galaxies, and the universe. On a clear night you can see the moon, starts and even planets. Learn amazing facts about space in this foldout reference book.

Learn about:The Universe; Galaxies; The Solar System; The Sun; The Moon: Exploring Space; The International Space Station; Starry Skies; Comets and Asteroids

Dimensions: Cover is 250 x250mm and each “page” opens to a spread of 470 x 470mm.

Manufacturer recommends age 6 years+. The information in this book is suitable for key stage 2 and so I recommend 6 – 9 years.

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North Parade are a forward thinking, independent publisher of children’s books. The books and sets are all designed to engage and inspire children and parents.

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Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2


knowledge building, visual


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