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Early Years Maths by Morphun

Early Years Maths by Morphun

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Early Years Maths by Morphun takes children through the early years of counting and recognising numbers. Children learn about numbers using the coloured bricks, spot bricks and numeral bricks. They learn that two bricks high can be represented by two spots counted and the number 2. Similarly five bricks long is similar to five spots counted and the number 5. While playing with this Morphun set children develop a concrete understanding of number using a kinaesthetic and visual approach. If you encourage your child to speak out loud about what they are doing, this adds an auditory feedback which enhances the ability to learn.

Then introduce children to sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the same kinaesthetic, visual and auditory approach.

Construction bricks like these are age appropriate for all ages and therefore Morphun maths sets are a superb resource for older children who learn kinaesthetically and visually. Age 4 years – adult.


144 Morphun Bricks consisting of 24 of each colour – red, blue, yellow, green, white, black. This can be used as a construction brick to create models in addition to using them as a maths manipulative.

55 Numeral Bricks – 5 of each number 0 – 10.

30 Spot Bricks – 3 of each brick.

24 Operations Bricks including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal signs.

16 photocopiable worksheets covering number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This product is not boxed.

Dimensions of Morphun Bricks 3 x 3 x 2.3 cm.

Sturdy Red (not blue as in photo) Storage box with a clear lid. Approx. dimensions of box: L 43 x W 31.5 x H 22.5 cm

Further Information

These award winning patented British designed bricks in prime colours transform the use and educational value of traditional plastic bricks. Manipulative and construction toys are widely accepted as an essential feature in any program to develop creative play, fine motion skills, hand eye co-ordination, and problem solving skills in children. Morphun meets those needs in new and challenging ways, providing a wide range of instructions and teacher materials in support of each of our products. Furthermore the Morphun squares fit to some other traditional brands with studs.

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Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2


experimenting & discovering, fine motor, knowledge building, problem solving, visual


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