Electronics Learning Circuits by Thames & Kosmos
Electronics Learning Circuits by Thames & KosmosElectronics Learning Circuits by Thames & KosmosElectronics Learning Circuits by Thames & KosmosElectronics Learning Circuits by Thames & Kosmos

Electronics Learning Circuits by Thames & Kosmos


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Electronics Learning Circuits by Thames & Kosmos enables children to safely and easily begin experimenting with electronic circuits using the innovative snap-together blocks in the ElectronX building system. Construct circuits with colourful electric building blocks to learn about electricity and how electronic devices work.

These building blocks are specially designed to make learning electronics fun and accessible. Because the blocks are brightly coloured and have unique shapes, it is easy to follow the assembly diagrams to construct functional circuits. And because the circuit symbols are printed directly onto the blocks, you can quickly become familiar with the symbols and learn how to read circuit diagrams.

The fun building projects include an alternating blinker, a police siren, an ambulance siren, an alarm system, a light detector, a conductivity tester, a rain warning system, a timer, and logic circuits.

The electronic components in this kit include capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs (light emitting diodes), a phototransistor, a switch, 30 contact blocks, cable blocks, a battery holder, a speaker, and a sound integrated circuit. The 64-page, full-colour experiment manual guides you through 70 circuit building experiments with easy-to-follow diagrams.

This kit provides kids with the tools and instructions they need to experiment with their own hands and learn firsthand how electronics work. Age 8 – 14 years.

2 x AA Batteries required. Some sample manual pages can be downloaded from here.

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Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving informal science education outside of the classroom by publishing high-quality science kits for children of all ages. T&K places an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through tactile processes. Their vision is to give all children access to real, physical activities and projects that teach them about how things work; parents, grandparents, and teachers are active guides in these investigations. It is their firm belief that children who connect with the world around them grow up to be inquisitive adults, creative thinkers, and engaged citizens with confidence to careers in science, technology, and engineering.

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Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3


experimenting & discovering, fine motor, Following Instructions, knowledge building


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