Magformers Power Vehicle Set
Magformers Power Vehicle SetMagformers Power Vehicle SetMagformers Power Vehicle SetMagformers Power Vehicle SetMagformers Power Vehicle Set

Magformers Power Vehicle Set


Magformers Power Vehicle Set contains 81 pieces, including different types of wheels and all the accessories required to build power vehicles! You can then use the remote control to move your vehicles forward. There are pictorial instructions to build 21 different vehicles and then use your own imagination, get creative and design and build more vehicles.

This is the ultimate 81-piece set for kids who love vehicles and construction toys. The Magformers Power Vehicle Set is literally everything on wheels. This fantastic new set allows you to create all sorts of vehicles, from a buggy to a train – and they move too! A power block and a Remote Control unit are included along with almost every kind of wheels you can find… click wheels, big wheels, train wheels, you name it! Contains 81 element including five different kinds of wheels. Use new caterpillar wheels or Big Wheels to construct Tanks and off-road vehicles. Add the spiral block and train wheels to make a Steam engine or new tractor pieces to create farm vehicles. There are 60 Magformers construction pieces and 21 accessories. Age 6 years – 10 years.

Contents: 12 equilateral triangles; 4 isosceles triangles; 10 squares; 8 rectangles; 2 super rectangle; 4 mini rectangles; 4 diamonds; 4 trapezoids; 2 super trapezoids; 4 mini sectors;  2 mini arches; 2 click wheels; 2 caterpillar tracks; 4 new big wheels; 1 tractor module block; 1 wheel guard; 2 90degree female connectors; 4 bumpers; 2 engine module one-way; 1 female auto connector; 1 power engine block; 1 power remote block; 1 spiral block; 4 train wheels.

Download the Ideas booklet for the Magformers Power Vehicle Set in a new browser tab.

The Power Block is USB rechargeable – a USB charger and cable are required.

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Neodymium magnets are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of Magformers. These magnets rotate to ensure the shapes connect to each other regardless of their position when two Magformers are brought together. Magformers is the super powerful magnetic toy which leads children to the world of limitless imagination and creativity.

Magformers received the highest acclaim as the most useful mathematical educational toy to develop mathematical and creative thinking at the 2012 International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) and the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), where global mathematicians participated.

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Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2


creativity, experimenting & discovering, fine motor, Following Instructions


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