Tetraturn by Recent Toys
Tetraturn by Recent ToysTetraturn by Recent ToysTetraturn by Recent Toys

Tetraturn by Recent Toys


Tetraturn by Recent Toys is a four sided conundrum and had 2 ways to make you one perplexed puzzler. Can you position the dials to make each letter match the adjacent side? Then take the next challenge and create a line that travels from 1 to 12 without any breaks. The puzzle helps to develop logic, strategy and fine motor skills. Age 14 years – adult.

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Recent Toys have a wide range of high quality puzzles that cater for all ages and skill levels. They are deigned to exercise the brain in spatial awareness, strategy, fine motor skills and even mathematics.

The puzzles share three things in common. They are simple to understand, built to last and will challenge you to think in new ways.

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Key Stage 4, Tertiary


fine motor, logic and reasoning, problem solving, visual


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